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Bitter Lesbian Eskimos want to corrupt your children!

It's true you know. Little children, we corrupt for the lulz. Your grown-up daughters, for toaster ovens and other valuable prizes.

Landover Baptist Church have cast their lidless eye upon the Moomintrolls, those apparently wholesome fantasy creatures created by Tove Jansson in 1945 that have since appeared in numerous books, comic strips, animated children's tv series, and of course assorted forms of merchandising. I learned of this debacle from one of the Finnish evening papers who thoughtfully linked to the discussion on the LBC forum. The thread ran for fourteen pages when I read it. Quite an entertaining read.

The whole thing smells like an inside job to me, though. The OP seems to be Finnish, living in or near the city of Tampere. And most of the commenters are Finnish too, trying terribly earnestly to explain that a) Finns are not Eskimos and 2) Moomintrolls are not eldritch abominations spawned from the diseased imagination of a twisted pervert.

And now if you'll excuse me, I must go back to my simple but monotonous diet of carpet and whale blubber.
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