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I am not a Finn

The things you learn about yourself as you get older. Here I was, reasonably secure in my identity as bisexual, feminist, Finn, Lutheran, accountant, etc. and then suddenly I find I have been living a lie all these <mumble> years.

The populist True Finns party changed their name Sunday last. Or, to be specific, the English language translation of their name. From now on, they are to be known as The Finns. And since they are pretty much against everything I am for — and vice versa — I am obviously not a Finn.

I am undecided on what to do. Should I join the Swedish speaking minority? They have a much less gloomy outlook on life than us Finnish speakers, plus they have hot babes, such as my idol Tove Jansson. (Actually, she's dead now (and so is her wife) but anyway.) Or should I just assume a fake accent? I think I could manage a Pottsylvanian accent without too much effort.
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