I am not a Finn

The things you learn about yourself as you get older. Here I was, reasonably secure in my identity as bisexual, feminist, Finn, Lutheran, accountant, etc. and then suddenly I find I have been living a lie all these <mumble> years.

The populist True Finns party changed their name Sunday last. Or, to be specific, the English language translation of their name. From now on, they are to be known as The Finns. And since they are pretty much against everything I am for — and vice versa — I am obviously not a Finn.

I am undecided on what to do. Should I join the Swedish speaking minority? They have a much less gloomy outlook on life than us Finnish speakers, plus they have hot babes, such as my idol Tove Jansson. (Actually, she's dead now (and so is her wife) but anyway.) Or should I just assume a fake accent? I think I could manage a Pottsylvanian accent without too much effort.
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Still no cure for... wait, what?

Women who drink coffee regularly have a significantly lower risk of developing antiestrogen-resistant estrogen-receptor (ER)-negative breast cancer, researchers from the Karolinska Institute, Sweden, revealed in Breast Cancer Research.

Would you like to know more? More?

You know what they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In other words, 12 to 16 times better. I'll drink to that. *goes to make coffee* Uh, purely as preventative medicine of course. Not for pleasure. Definitely.
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math is delicious

I hate DST

Daylight Saving Time is stupid. Having to reset your clocks by one hour is stupid. We should just pick one time and stick with it. But the worst thing about Daylight Saving Time is that the changeover is in the wee hours of the night, so you have to get up at 3 AM to set your clocks. I hate that. Going back to bed now.
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I can haz final frontier?

Came across this gem from 2007. Probably the first long form lolcat-speak work, it predates the LOLcat Bible by a couple of months. What it is, is essentially Star Trek with lolcat subtitles. The Trouble With Tribbles for lolcats. I expect everybody else was already aware of this, but if you are as ignorant as I was up to an hour ago, go read it. You will has a happy.
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math is delicious

Enlarge your manhood with genuine replica watch

We have had a small can of Spam on our kitchen shelf for about a year. We originally got it as a joke because of the recent connotations of the name. MsDragoon refuses to touch the stuff, but I finally broke down and tried it.

Prettydragoon's Awesome Spam Dinner

appr. 200 g Spam

Remove Spam from can. Slice. Microwave on HIGH until done. Serve with kimchi and rice.

(So as not to entirely lose my SCA cred, I used an obscure 14th Century cookbook, Ye Anonymouse Cokery Boke, as the source for my recipe. I had to make some minor changes for modern equipment and based on what I had in the house. Here's the original:

Roste mete in ye manor of ye Northmen

Nym ane goodli pece of spamme and hack hem ynto slyces. Seethe hem in ye mycroondes until done and so serue hem forth

Spam wasn't all that bad. I found the flavour to be reasonably ham-like and the texture is, well, sausage-like. Funny thing that. Probably wouldn't want to eat it every day, but it's all right every once in a while.

Also, my manhood stays rigid until I put it back in the drawer. I definitely recommend Spam for everybody.
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My very own beer? How sweet of you!

So I was shopping in our friendly local neighbourhood hypermarket. In the beer aisle I came across this. Trashy Blonde beer from BrewDog Brewery. How could I resist my namesake beer? Don't answer that.

For the four color glossy, see The beer is a nice pale colour, seriously hopped, with an aftertaste of lychee. It's got more hops than I really prefer, but otherwise an agreeable new acquaintance. I could get into serious trouble with this Trashy Blonde.

Incidentally, I found out this is brewed by the company that also make Tactical Nuclear Penguin, the world's strongest beer.
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