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Teh Great Moon Landing Hoax

It is alleged that 40 years ago, the Americans landed on the Moon. For anyone with half a brain, this is a patently absurd claim. The capitalist system is axiomatically incapable of achieving any goal more advanced than next quarter’s profit.

The truthiest truth is that the first man on the Moon was the late, great Ivan Ivanovich, a. k. a. Vanya the Magnificient, the celebrated acrobat dwarf of the Great Moscow State Circus. He landed on the Moon on 17 November 1970 in the Lunokhod-1 lunar exploratory vehicle and operated it for almost a year on the lunar surface, until his oxygen ran out on 14 September 1971 and he laid down his life in unstinting service to the peace-loving workers and peasants of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. So in fact the Soviet Union won the Moon race.

Comrades, fill your mugs with vodak and toast that unsung hero, first man on the Moon, Hero of the Soviet Union (posthumous), Vanya the Magnificient!
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